6 Reasons to Work With 717 Home Buyers

When you are selling your house it is important to work with a company that you can trust. Here at 717 Home Buyers we value integrity and honesty when working with you. Contrary to many of our competitors, we actually care about you as an individual and want to see a win-win situation for all parties. Below we will cover 6 of the top reasons to work with 717 Home Buyers.

Why Work With 717HomeBuyers?

We Do Not List Your House

When you work with a real estate agent or other real estate investing companies they will list your property on the MLS. This essentially places your home “for sale” on the open market for all buyers to view. Our process involves working directly with you to sell your house quickly for an agreed-upon house. We also will keep your house exclusively off-market, meaning we will never list it or represent it on the open market. Since we are direct buyers with hundreds of investor connections we can avoid the hassle of listing a property or paying fees to get exposure for the property.

We Buy As-Is

Stuck with a messy or cluttered house that you can’t sell?. Often our partners will actually leave a lot of their items behind for us to cleanout. Through our leave behind program, we offer the option to clean out your house completely once we purchase the property. Have a few items that you are having trouble getting rid of? No problem, just leave them behind and we will take care of it.

Repairs and updates are another huge issue when sellers look to sell their houses. Retail buyers often do not want to take the time to fix up homes, instead opting for move-in ready properties. This can ultimately fetch you a much lower sale price if you list the property, or worse keep you stuck with a house that you can’t sell. We will come to your property and do a full walkthrough to account for all repairs. Our offers are priced to include the necessary repairs or modifications that are needed in order to fix up the house.

100% Cash Offer

One of the most annoying processes in selling your home can be the financing. Waiting on the person who is going to buy your home to get their financing together can be a huge headache. It is not uncommon for a deal to fall through because the buyer did not get their finances lined up. Sometimes people will make offers on your home without even having enough in their bank account for the down payment!!

That is why we work with 100% cash. We do not have to wait for a mortgage to get approved or wait on the bank to get us the money. When we make an offer on your home, the number we give you is the number that will hit your bank account. There are no agent fees or closing costs involved on your side of the transaction!

Choose Your Closing Date

Imagine finally finding a buyer for your home, who offered you just the right amount of money, and then they say they can’t close for another 90 days!! This happens ALL. THE. TIME. No one has time to wait 90 days to close on their house. The worst part is this number is only getting worse in many parts of the country. That’s why we already have the financing lined up and ready to go. Not only can we close quickly, but we buy enough homes that we can close any day of the week!

All you have to do is tell us the date you want to close, and we will make it happen! Our company prides itself on putting the customer first in all transactions, especially when the homeowner needs to sell quickly!

We Handle Closing Costs

Our company has talked to so many sellers who have been burned by the amount of money they ACTUALLY take home when they sell their home. Often times it can be up to $15,000 less than the original offer!! Sounds crazy right??

Let’s talk about some numbers.

If you were to get an offer on your home for $200,000 with 6% realtor fees, 1% transfer taxes, and 1% closing costs all involved, you are going to pay $16,000 in closing costs! That means you will only take home $184,000. Something in the equation doesn’t seem right. This is why our company does not use realtors, pays the taxes, and pays the closing costs for you!! We do not trick you with an offer that sounds way higher than it actually is. To us, that is the only fair way to do it.

You Work Directly With Us

We are a small local company that loves working in Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg. When we come to your house it is often the owners personally. (Josh or Austin) We love to buy houses that need a little TLC and restore them into beautiful homes that the community can be excited about and proud of.

Putting the customer first, offering FAIR cash offers, and being personable is what we are about.

Still not convinced? Give us a call and we can prove it to you!