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Why You Should Sell To An Investor in Lancaster Over An iBuyer

More and more corporations are getting into the business of buying homes. These companies are attempting to leverage their credibility in the overall real estate markets.  However, the majority of these corporations are just trying to make a quick buck off of someone who is desperate to sell their home. Working with a local and professional home buyer like 717 Homebuyers will give you fast, if not faster results with a more personalized experience to fit your needs. 

Personalized Approach To Your Needs

Most people would rather work with a friend and neighbor versus a large corporation. Most real estate transactions are done by local trusted people who have a grasp of the market. To a large company like Zillow or Realtor.com, you are just another number. When you work with a company like 717 Homebuyers we personally guarantee to treat you as a valued partner. We will listen to your selling goals, time frame, and help you with anything you need to make the selling process go as smoothly as possible. We often deal with people in all kinds of situations, helping them navigate the process of selling their house quickly.

Better Prices For Your Home

Many iBuyers out there are buying nationwide. They are looking to pay bottom dollar for your house and if it doesn’t fit their criteria they will move on. When you work with a local investor, such as 717 Homebuyers, you’ll be able to work with someone who really knows the local market. They will be able to pay you a more accurate price and be able to save everything money by keeping things close to home. Often Ibuyers will simply offer a blanket offer, not even bothering to come out to inspect the house. This can massively undervalue your house or give you a false impression on how much your house is worth. A local and professional buyer will also have numerous local vendors in their contact list, making the process even more efficient and low-cost. Remember they are also investors in the local market, meaning they are constantly working with the same professionals that will help you finalize selling your home. If they know a great title company, contractor, or cleaning service, you’ll be able to benefit from the association. They usually know how to get things done fast and effectively in your local market.


iBuyers charge a fee for their services whereas working with a local investment company such as 717 Homebuyers does not. Fees can range from anywhere from 6 to 12% for their services and tend to be higher in what they deem “riskier” markets. The average deal fee usually comes out to 9% or so, meaning that you would be paying an additional $18,000 in fees on a $200,000 offer. This substantially cuts into your bottom line, further reducing the amount of money that you will receive for your house. We are 100% committed to making our partners pay zero in fees at closing, meaning that the offer we give you is the dollar amount that you will take home.


A local home buyer with the right motives cares greatly about their community and the people in it. At 717 Home Buyers, it is our goal to help people quickly sell their house by creating a win-win situation for both seller and buyers. We will take the time to listen to your selling goals and help you determine if they are realistic or not. Understanding your situation is crucial for us to give you the best advice when it comes to selling your house. As a small business in the Central Pa area, we highly value our reputation and giving back to the local communities. We have a reputation to uphold and we will go out of our way to make sure home sellers in Lancaster have a positive experience.


When calculating the cost of the needed repairs, iBuyers will greatly over exaggerate the amount of money needed to make repairs. Remember iBuyer’s are most likely considering repair costs from a much bigger demographic, like Philadelphia for instance, versus Central Pa. iBuyers furthermore determine the cost of repairs on the property after they make the offer, further reducing your take-home number. When you choose to sell your house directly to 717 Home Buyers, we will adjust our offer price based on major repairs only. We understand that we are most likely buying your house as-is, meaning that most of the minor repairs will be excluded from our offer price.

iBuyers are continuing to grow in the marketplace, but based on our analysis you will most likely receive a far lower final number when using them. Furthermore, here at 717 Home Buyers we will match and even beat any offer that an iBuyer makes you. Simply get in contact with us to talk further.

About Josh Eberly

A native of Lancaster County, Josh’s roots run deep in his commitment to this community. He especially enjoys helping people find solutions through real estate. Josh is a seasoned investor with experience in many sides of buying and investing in real estate. Josh enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, digital marketing, and hanging out with his family. Feel free to connect with him here.

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