4 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Often Make in Pittsburgh

Buying and selling property is one of the major transactions we make in life. Yet, most of us do not make these types of big transactions very often in our lives. Consequently, most people do not have much experience to draw on when making the important decisions involved in these large financial transactions. In an … Continued

Selling Your House Without a Pittsburgh Real Estate Agent

Important Aspects to Consider When Avoiding a Real Estate Agent There are many decisions involved in selling your home.  From asking price to where do you live next, the decisions you will face are many and consequential. One of the many decisions you will make is how to engage in the process of selling itself. … Continued

8 Ways To Find A Great “We Buy Houses” Business

Here Is How “We Buy Houses” Scams Work According to these websites, here is how the scam works. The North Carolina Department of Justice explained it most concisely, “Homeowners respond to a “we buy homes” ad or mailer. But instead of buying houses, most of these companies want to convince you to sign over control … Continued