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3 Big Myths About “We Buy Houses” – Busted!

If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true, right? You may feel that the possibility of a professional homebuyer connecting with you and offering you a fair price for your house just cannot be true.  Well, there are some myths out there that we need to help bust.  We do not want you to believe myths about homebuyers and miss a great win-win opportunity.

Myths About Home Buyers

Big Myth #1 – Professional Homebuyers Take Advantage Of You

You have a house that is old, needs work, or is about to go into foreclosure and you are under pressure. The myth is that the professional homebuyer shows up and plays on your struggle and pressures you to sell for less than your property is worth.

BUSTED – Pro Homebuyers Seek Win-Win Cash Offers To Help Sellers Sell Fast

Professional home buyers work with investors who can offer you cash for your property as-is. They seek fair win-win agreements that help sell houses fast. Homebuying companies are legitimate businesses and must maintain a reputation for honesty and professionalism if they hope to stay in business. Do your homework, read reviews, check with the local Better Business Bureau for complaints, to find reputable homebuyers like 717 Home Buyers.

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We are an accredited BBB Business

Big Myth #2 – Professional Homebuyers Have Last Minute Hidden Fees

You may have heard homebuyers are like the old sneaky used car salesman. These individuals get you excited about a great deal, then after hours of negotiation and a decision, the “fine” print of the extra costs emerge, and you are completely frustrated and disappointed.

BUSTED – Honest Homebuyers Like 717 Home Buyers Do Not Have Any Hidden Fees

While there are always rip-off artists out there, they do not last long in this business. They get a reputation around town quickly and Google or Facebook reviews shine the light on their misdeeds quickly. You can check our 717 Homebuyer Google reviews here. Professional homebuyers do not have hidden fees. When you get an offer for your property from us, we stand by our offer, and everything is disclosed up-front, so your decision is made with full understanding of the details.

Big Myth #3 – You Will Be Forced To Pay for Repairs

The myth goes something like this.  You get a fair offer, but then before the deal is finalized the homebuyers come back and tell you that an inspection has been done and there were several major issues you will need to pay for in order for the deal to close.

BUSTED – Reputable Homebuyers Will Not Force You To Pay For Repairs

When legitimate homebuyers visit your property, they are trained to inspect the property well enough to be able to produce a fair offer knowing that their investors will have to make any needed repairs big or small.  They will never force you to pay for repairs.  If they try to do so, move on quickly. They cannot be trusted.

Need To Sell A Property In Pennsylvania?  717 Home Buyers Can Help You Understand Your Options

Whether a foreclosure situation or an older inherited home, or another situation, we can provide answers. Here is an overview of our process and how to contact us.  Make sure to check our reviews from satisfied home sellers that we have helped. Start the process today by filling out this simple form and we will contact you right away.

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