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How To Sell Your House Fast in Lebanon, PA

If you have found yourself in a situation to sell your house quickly, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are going through a divorce, inherited a property, or are simply looking to sell for a specified price we are here to assist you. 717 Home Buyers has helped countless indivdiuals in the Lebanon area sell their house quickly and without hassle. Below we will outline 5 specific tips that we have learned that will help you sell your house faster in Lebanon.

Price the House Appropriately

Location, comparables, condition. Those are the three words that any good real estate professional will tell you when evaluating how much to sell your house for. If you are in a desirable location prices on your house will be higher than other areas. The same style of house can vary in prices by tens of thousands of dollars simple by being located a few blocks away. Likewise you can get a good idea on what comparable houses in your neighborhood are selling for by doing a simple zillow search for “lebanon, pa”. Simply filter to houses sold within the last 3 months and look for properties that have similar square footage and bathrooms/bedrooms to yours. This will give you a good idea about what comparable houses went for. Lastly, the condition of the property will greatly determine how much more or less you should ask for based on your comparable value. If the property is in need of repair, you will want to subtract from the other comparables that you found. If your house is in nicer condition than the properties you found, add some money to the asking price.

FInd comparable house prices on zillow
Use Zillow to Look Up Comparable Houses That Have Sold

Stage the Property

Making your house look neat and tidy will go a long way towards getting a higher sale price. Today’s buyers are looking for modern styles that captivate their imagine. Staging your house can go a long way towards making a huge first impression of the property to prospective buyers. Professional stagers can be found around Lebanon, but a few of our favorite local businesses are Kathleen Kaskiel and Dwell to Sell Home Staging. A small investment in staging can save both realtors and home owners money over the alternative, which is taking a price reduction on the property. Remember in today’s fast paced market, buyers usually notice a property on the MLS first so presenting a polished clean and updated interior will drive more showings.

Make the Right Repairs

Not all home repairs are created equal. Often homeowners get super anxious when an inspection report comes back with multiple pages of items that the inspector notes. Knowing what to repair in the situation can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of time. There are a few major items that buyers will immediately flag on a property. Anything dealing with plumbing, electrical, heating or cooling are major flags that most realtors on the seller’s side will point out. Any repairs that the buyer will need to make immediately within the next 6-12 months will most likely cause ask for a reduction on sales price. Repairing aesthetic items such as putting down new flooring or painting are often the most cost-effective from a seller’s side. Sellers often tend to fall in love with the look of a property while overlooking the “bones” or other elements that need to be maintained. We recommend getting at least 3 quotes from reputable contractors before agreeing on a finalized price for repairs.

Know Your Comps

Have you ever felt a house was overpriced or underpriced when browsing listings online? Sometimes it may seem like values are picked out of thin air when determining a fair value for properties. The best way to know roughly how much your property is worth is to compare similar homes based on condition, square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. As noted above, this can be done through ZIllow. Once you settle on a value give yourself a 10% leeway higher or lower than your perceived value. When buyers offer lower than comparable range simply say “based on comparable houses that have sold recently with similar specs we are going to hold firm on our asking price.” Your agent should help you negotiate based on comparable’s as well, if they don’t or try to pressure you into taking a lower than anticipated price you may need to consider a new agent. Most likely if you follow the steps in this article you will have multiple buyers making offers so you won’t have to worry much about your final sale price being much outside of the comparable range.

Create Urgency

One of the best ways to sell anything is to create urgency and a timetable for decisions. This can be done on the sellers end by doing things such as holding an open house, having your agent post social media posts about a listing coming soon, or setting a specified time/day for all offers to be in by. All of these tactics are focused on driving more qualified sellers to do a walkthrough in a short period of time. Sellers will see that other people are highly interested in buying the home, and may make more aggressive offers in order to secure the property. Sellers often buy off of emotion, especially if they only have so much time to make a decision. Capitalizing on high emotions can lead to a substantially higher sales price for your home in Lebanon.

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