Reasons Your House In Philadelphia Won’t Sell & Possible Solutions

Selling a home in Philadelphia, PA is stressful enough. If your home has problems, the stress from NOT being able to sell it can skyrocket even more. If you have a mortgage, unpaid bills, or a pending foreclosure, the issues you face mount up very quickly. Big Reasons Your House in Philadelphia May Not Sell … Continued

Selling A Home in Philadelphia With Mold Problems

Mold and mildew in your home can cause many problems. These problems range from cosmetic damage to foul odors, to affecting the potential sale of your home in Philadelphia. Mold can be visible, or hide behind walls, in vents, or under floor coverings. It is not a problem that can be ignored without serious consequences. … Continued

Foundation Problems With Your Home In Philadelphia: Causes and Advice

The foundation of your home is arguably the most important part of your home’s construction.  Even though it is out of view for the most part, literally everything else rests on that foundation.  A bad foundation can lead to so many other problems with the house that it can even be unsafe to live in. … Continued

Bad Renters In Your Philadelphia Home: Prevention and Solutions

Bad renters can be a nightmare for property owners. They may damage your property, not pay rent on time, or cause other problems that can make your life as a property owner much harder than it needs to be. There are a few specific ways to deal with bad renters that can help minimize the … Continued

Top Questions From Home Sellers In Philadelphia (And The Answers)

Unless you are a professional real estate agent or have one in the family, you are probably like most people selling homes in Pennsylvania and have more questions than answers when it comes to selling your home. When you start asking your friends and co-workers, many people will be glad to give you opinions about … Continued

Tips On Decluttering And Downsizing Your Home In Philadelphia

Downsize and declutter! Those two words may strike a feeling of dread or even fear in the pit of your stomach. However, there are many benefits to downsizing and decluttering such as saving money on a smaller house, spending less on utility bills, starting a new chapter in life, and making new memories while still holding … Continued

Selling Your Philadelphia Home During A Divorce

Any couple going through a divorce experiences stress. A marriage break up can be devastating and financial stress only complicates the situation. This stress is aggravated even further when it comes to possessions that were bought as a married couple and must be divided somehow. When it comes to your home in Philadelphia, this is … Continued

Selling Your House In Philadelphia During A Recession

Recession! It is a scary word when you are considering your future financial situation. Will we see a full-on recession in the US in the coming months? How will Philadelphia be impacted if there is a recession and what does it mean for you selling a house if there is a recession? WPVI News Channel … Continued

Important Advice About Selling Your Philadelphia House At Auction

Selling a house at auction is a trend that is gaining popularity. A quick transaction, the absence of real estate agency fees, and often a profit for the seller are just a few benefits of selling at auction. However, there are disadvantages to selling a house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at auction as well. I’ll discuss … Continued

Avoid The Dangers Of A Vacant House In Pittsburgh By Selling

Perhaps you have seen a movie or tv show that featured an old vacant haunted house.  Do you remember how it was depicted in the show? Creaky doors, broken windows, cobwebs, dust, and more were all part of the old vacant house. Are you the owner of a vacant house? Sometimes these are inherited homes, … Continued
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