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Pros and Cons of a Direct Sale of Your House in York Pa

Are you considering selling your home to a direct buyer? Selling on your own and taking all the legal risks and costs, or handing the job over to a real estate agent to sell your home aren’t your only options. While many people blindly just list their homes with an agent, you can compare the two and determine which works better for your unique circumstances by understanding how a direct buyer works. Pros and cons of a direct sale of your house in York Pa.

Pro – No Realtor Commissions

Selling your house in York doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Working with a buyer such as 717 Home Buyers means that there are no commissions on the sale of your house. Normally realtors will take 6% of the total sales price, even if they did little to no work to sell your property. We think this is not a fair deal. You can view how traditional fees/commissions stack up against our offerings on the comparisons page.

Pro – Skip Time Consuming Showings

You can avoid the hassle of showings and open houses, as well as having everything you own available for viewing on the internet by choosing a direct sale of your home in York. Open houses are a huge intrusion of privacy and usually require you to thoroughly clean your house top to bottom in preparation.

Pro – No Repairs Needed

Unless your home is brand new or in absolutely perfect condition, there will be at the least a minimum investment to spruce your home up. If your house is distressed, you may be very well aware that you could be facing thousands of dollars in repairs. You may also regrettably find even more expenses in hidden repairs. Homeowners are often shocked to find that inspection reports come back with lots of hidden issues which force the sales price further down. Our buyers are ready to buy in cash with no inspections, meaning you won’t have to pay if a major problem is discovered after you sign the documents.

Wallpaper that needs removed
Keep the Old Wallpaper! We buy houses in York “As-Is”, meaning you don’t have to change a thing.

Pro – No Marketing Expenses To Sell

Top real estate agents include marketing expenses and repairs as they see fit, which could mean an open credit card account. Stagers, photographers, and drone pilots are all expenses that your agent may suggest to sell your house. You can avoid all of these expenses buy selling your house directly to a cash buyer.

Pro –  Quick Closings

Working with a direct buyer like 717 Home Buyers means speedy closings, some in a fast as fourteen days. If you want to cash in on your equity right now, you can do so by getting a guaranteed faster closing through a cash buyer. When a real estate sale is in cash, you don’t have to wait out appointments with inspectors or appraisers. Without the concerns of your buyer qualifying for a loan, you also won’t be in an awkward limbo if the financing falls through. Many people bid for houses that they are not actually approved for.

Pro – No Holding Costs

Holding your home on the market while you wait for a buyer can be costly. Let’s say you have moved in the meantime, this means you could be carrying two mortgages while you wait for your house to sell. You can avoid these costs by making a direct sale of your house in York.

Con – Less than Market Value

 A direct buyer will work with you to come to a fair price for your property, and the amount paid at closing is the amount of the original offer. While a direct sale of your house in York may not bring as high of a sale price, this is often made up for by all the convenience and the money you’ll save by avoiding all of the other potential costs of listing a home.

717 Home Buyers is a premier home buying company in central pa that specializes in helping sellers get more for their homes. We work with sellers in all situations to help them sell their properites quickly and without fees. We are actively buying houses in the Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Harrisburg, and Reading markets. Reach out to us via our contact page to learn more.

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