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What York Home Sellers Need To Know About Their Current Real Estate Market

There are times in life where adopting a transitional home or rental approach makes sense. However, York home sellers should be aware that, while this was once the trend, these individuals are now more focused on seeking permanent housing conditions and increasing the number of buyers vying for homes in the York real estate industry. Part of this motivation may be attributed to many companies’ corporate models transitioning to home-based jobs. Another trend that has emerged is that more wealthier buyers are updating their investment strategies to switch, purchasing second homes for retirement faster than previously intended, increasing the supply of properties on the market.

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Ride the Wave

The backlog of finished units, let alone the increase in demand that arose after the pandemic, still remains to be met as a wave rotates from the 2008 national trend to slow new housing construction. Low interest rates often drive borrowers into the market who could not afford as much rent otherwise. There is also a movement of buyers from high-tax areas as a result of federal tax rules being amended, so that they cannot write their property taxes off anymore.

In October of 2020, the National Association of Realtors announced that there were fewer homes for rent than ever before. There is a two-month availability of inventory available if no more homes are listed on the market right now. There has also been a halt in the number of homes reported by buyers that will otherwise be selling as the property market rises. Many homeowners like to hold put until they have a better understanding of the situation and have settled in before taking a chance. These trends have merged to build a seller’s market, with prices skyrocketing as a result of the increased demand. Continue reading to learn what home sellers in York, PA might do about the local real estate industry in York. 

How to Navigate a Bidding War

Although a seller’s market may seem to be ideal, York home buyers should be aware that bidding wars have an effect on the York real estate market. The issue arises when borrowers pay higher than the home’s appraised value while staying below the usual 80 percent loan-to-value ratio. Should your customers get involved in a bidding war, you risk losing them. They will not be able to bear the increased monthly premiums and principal, let alone the added burden of mortgage insurance. And you do not have enough cash on hand to offset the discrepancy between the appraised and actual sales price.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Prior to the pandemic, housing rates had began to climb and were continuing to rise. Many first-time buyers cannot afford the average home in the current market due to the sharp rise in listing rates. Home buyers in York should be conscious that the current rising price trend in the real estate market in York may not last forever, and the market can crash. According to signs, foreclosures, which are currently on hold, would increase in lower-income households. At this period, nearly 2.75 million mortgages are in forbearance under the CARES act’s security, with approximately 10% of all FHA-backed mortgages in arrears for longer than three months.

Selling Without the Risks

If you wait too long to sell, you can lose out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to strike when the market is hot. When it comes to traditional listings, a large percentage of customers are unable to take the gamble of doing business with strangers do to the pandemic. Because of the risk of potentially sick consumers coming into their homes after the pandemic, many people would rather not have showings. For many people’s stress levels still at an all-time high, the added stresses of selling a house, particularly when school and work are done from home, is too hard to bear. Homeowners in York should be aware that there is another choice for selling their home on the market in York: selling to a direct buyer like 717 Home Buyers.

Are you interested in learning more about what York home sellers can do about the local real estate market? We are here at 717 Home Buyers to listen and assist you with all of your concerns. With reasonable rates, simple, easy-to-understand contracts, and prompt closings, working with 717 Home Buyers means you won’t have to wait any longer to sell! 717 Home Buyers will walk you through the process step by step and help you decide what is right for you!

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