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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Direct Sale Instead of a Pittsburgh FSBO Listing

FSBO or for sale by owner means that a property seller has chosen to sell the property himself rather than utilizing the services of a real estate agent. Typically, they do so to save the commission that real estate agents charge. However, many FSBO sellers learn the lesson the hard way that there is a reason agents can charge these fees.  We will address 4 areas that agents earn their paycheck when selling properties and how a professional home buyer can save you the fee and the hassles.

Because professional home buyers work with investors, they can save you time, money, and a lot of difficulty. Read more as we enumerate these 4 areas.

1. Preparations For The Sale

As the old saying goes, “if the barn needs painting, you better paint it.” In other words, if the property you are trying to sell needs clean up, painting, remodeling, new landscaping and more, even a professional realtor will have trouble selling it.  If you are trying a FSBO approach here in Pittsburgh, the effort to sell will be massive.  Close to 70% of FSBO’s don’t actually work out for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, if you decide to do all the prep work, you will likely spend a lot of time, energy, and money getting the property looking good. 

This is where professional home buyers like 717 Home Buyers can be of great benefit.  We do not require “the barn to be painted.” We are happy to buy houses that are not looking their best, need to be decluttered, or painted. We can save you the time and effort and still offer you a reasonable price for your property.

2. Inspections and Repair Work

In order to navigate a successful sale as a FSBO or through a real estate agent, your home will have to pass an inspection.  If your buyer is using an FHA loan to pay for you property, the inspection and required repairs can be even more extensive and costly.  That minor repair that you may not consider necessary, can now hold up the process until resolved. Remember that most FHA buyers are already cash strapped to begin with, so a major repair would most likely have to be covered on your end. At 717 Home Buyers, we take care of those things for you, so you do not have to worry about inspections.  We will make you an as-is cash offer.

717 Home Buyers Do Not Require Repairs of Properties
At 717 Home Buyers, Repairs and Remodeling Is Our Problem Not Yours

3. Advertising

The advantage of a real estate agent is their ability and responsibility to bring qualified interested buyers to your property. They do this by an elaborate advertising and marketing strategy that is part of the business of their agency. This includes using online tools to get your property in front of the exact people who would be interested in the features of your house. In addition, there are usually great pictures of a professionally staged house, well-written descriptions of the property and more.  Again, you can do this type marketing even as an FSBO listing, but the expertise needed is significant.

If you chose to work with 717 Home Buyers, none of that is needed.  We show up realizing that you are desiring a quick and easy sale. We do not need fancy descriptions and glossy pictures. We come to see it as-is and give you an as-is fair offer. No FSBO headaches and no real estate agent fees.

4. Open House and Showing Events

During the selling process there are typically many showings of the home to potential buyers. Sometimes an open house is utilized to attempt to attract many interested buyers at once.  These events all take organization and coordination to plan, execute, and then follow up.  Realtor fees cover this effort. FSBO situations mean all this responsibility and organization rests on the owner. Most homeowners get tired of having to clean up everytime someone wants to walk through their home especially if the house sits on the market for some time.

With a deal from 717 Home Buyers, none of that is needed. No showings, no open house events, no hassle. Do not believe the myths about professional home buyers. Our process is simple, honest, straightforward, and quick.  You can save the FSBO organizational showing and open house efforts, save the realtor fees, and still get a fair cash offer with a quick closing.  Before you make the realtor vs. FSBO decision, why not learn more about our process here and then contact us for a reasonable offer on your home?

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